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Test We here to provide the outmost care for our services and the best guidance to products we recommend.


We always strive to create a tailored experience for you that will deliver long lasting benefits.


From product suggestions to nutrional help, as well as number of natural remedies, we always are trying to be creative.


If I (Lyudmila) could only share one thing with you about me it would be that I genuinely love people. All my life I help people in one way or another way. I came to USA from other country along with my family, my husband, two children and Master of Science Education in computer field and more than 20 years of hands-on experience & education in health & wellness field. And now I am building my future and my family's future by helping other people achieve their goals and dreams. This allows me to learn, teach, inspire and transform my life, and impact the lives of people in my organization. I believe that making someone's life better is only one ethical business on our Planet Earth. Really.

Right now we are in the middle of a nutritional revolution and medicine is changing its face. The health industry is changing as engineered foods with isolated nutrition are giving way to wholesome natural foods with complete nutrition.


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Our Team

Meet our awesome team. We are super passionate about healthy and balanced food that helps everyone maintain their peak performance.

Lyudmila Moreva-Ruvinsky


Daniel Ruvinsky


Irina Ruvinskaya

Sales/Marketing Manager

What clients are saying about us

  • Lyudmila is a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgable and is always ready to help people.

    Irina Barkan
  • We loved working with Balanced Food Life and Lyudmila. We loved the ViaViente product that she recommended. We will be back to order more.

    ViaViente customer
  • Balanced Food Life impresses with an individual approach to the client, operational work - I will continue cooperation with pleasure.

    Jayden Cody
  • The team of Balanced Food Life - the real professionals of the helpful food. Guys perfectly understand the product and will always prompt that it is necessary for the client.

    Rebecca Paige
  • In Balanced Food Life, they appreciate the customer and always find the right approach! I highly recommend them for collaboration.

    Lucas Wyatt

Products we support

Please take a look at what recommendations we offer for different whole foods products and remedies.

Some Interesting Facts

Did you know?


Cups of Tea




Green Juice




From product suggestions to nutrional help, as well as number of natural remedies, we have a variety of services that we provide.

Wholefoods Products

ViaViente, Sunbreeze oil is just to name a few products we highly recommend from our previous/current experience

Natural Remedies

From natural cough supreseant, to fever reducing remendies, we have created number of different combinations using various incredients that will help you achive balance.

Balanced Diet

There are number of diets out there, we do not "name" our diet, but rather emphasize balanced foods that help you maintain an optimal health level.


Achieving balanced health is not just tied to nutrition, it should also be closely followed by relaxation and exercise.

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